Q.  How did WHE get started?
A.  In the fall of 2005, a couple of moms started meeting weekly on Wednesdays for playtime and activities.  The name of our group was WeAre Moms for Kids.  The group continued to grow which required more room, so we started meeting at a local church the following year.  In the fall of 2007, we joined forces with the monthly parent support group in Weare, and took on their name, WeAre Home Educators.

Q. Is WHE a Christian group?
A. Many folks who participate in our group are Christians. We do meet and hold events at various church facilities, although this is not a church sponsored group. Homeschoolers from all backgrounds are welcome to participate in WHE activities.

Q.  What type of homeschool families make up your group?
A. We have all types of homeschool families in our group.  The approach is varied: packaged curriculums, DVD programs, VLACS, unit studies, child led approach, but most do not work from one set curriculum.  The group also varies on reporting methods, such as portfolio, standardized testing, evaluators, or a combination of these methods.

Q.  Do you have to live in Weare to participate in WHE activities?
A. No, we have people who travel up to an hour to attend our activities.  Our field trip locations are also varied and do not always take place in Weare.

Q.  Why do you require advance registration and payment?
A.  When you register and pay for something, it commits you to the event.  You don’t have to worry about paying for things at the last minute and prices changing.

Q.  Do you offer refunds if someone can't make an event due to illness or other issue?
A.  No, we do not offer refunds.  We collect money up front to be sure we can cover the cost of the event.  We cannot predict how many families will cancel at the last minute.  If we were to refund money, we potentially would be unable to pay for the event.

Q. How many kids are at a typical event?
A.  Our events may have between 20-50 kids depending on the event.  Some of our events are large group presentations. Other events may have a large number of kids, but they will be broken out into smaller groups.

Q. What are the age ranges of the kids at a typical event?
A.  We have infants through children age 17 in our group.

Q.  Are parents required to sit in on classes/presentations?
A.  In most cases this is the parent's choice.  In some classes, the instructor would appreciate some parental assistance; others don’t mind parents in the class as long as they are not disruptive or interfering.  Parents are not allowed to carry on conversations in the same room as events.

Q.  Why do you meet on Wednesdays and is it the only day you get together?
A.  We like to meet consistently on Wednesdays, so the children have a set day of the week to look forward to group activities.  This allows them to look forward to seeing the same faces each week and develop friendships.  You can check our calendar to see the other events we offer on different days.

Q.  Where exactly is Weare?
A.  Weare is located 30 minutes south of Concord and 30 minutes west of Manchester.

Q.  Do you offer parent support/activities?
A.  WHE offers parent support meetings several times a year.  Check the calendar for dates.

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