Classes are full!

2021-2022 Co-op Schedule   **Registration closes August 1st!**

September 8, 22
October 6, 20
November 3, 17
December 8
January 12, 26
February 9 (1st snow makeup date - February 16th)
March 2, 16, 30 (2nd snow makeup date - March 23rd)
April 13, (3rd snow makeup date - April 20th)

Our co-op classes will be meeting at the Congregational Church in Goffstown village.

Please consider keeping the opposite Wednesday's Free for other WHE events.

Please note class fees do not include textbooks or workbooks

Preschool ages 2-4 **CLASS IS FULL**          *This Class is only available for families with older children attending the Co-op.* 

This is offered to parents that are teaching, primarily, and families who have other children in the older grades. The focus is basically playtime. There may be story times, games, and snacks. 

Grades K-6th - Exploring Nature with Children **CLASS IS FULL**
 Nature Study

This class looks to our own backyards as we explore and learn about the natural world and God’s creations within a seasonal framework. The curriculum this class will follow is a Charlotte Mason style curriculum called Exploring Nature With Children and it is available for purchase (although not required) as a downloadable PDF. Our classroom time will be spent learning about the week’s topic (i.e. leaves, seeds, the moon, plant life cycle, etc.), sharing personal observations and journal entries and doing relevant experiments and/or extension activities. Students and families are encouraged to get outside to spend time observing, learning and journaling about their observations.

Grades K-6th - PE Class **CLASS IS FULL**
   Have fun learning new games and skills! A great way to expend all of that extra energy.
Grades K-6th - LEGO Builder **CLASS IS FULL**
  Each child will need a box of classic medium LEGOs (sold at Walmart/Target for $27.99). Class will consist of building construction challenges and working on presentation/public speaking skills. On sale for $23.96 at Amazon.
Grades 2nd-12th - Drama
  Drama Class is designed for kids interested in learning more about the aspects of theater. This includes learning stage terminology, working on acting skills, set building, and costumes/makeup design. We will be performing a simple play at the end of the WHE year, however your child will not be required to perform in the play if they do not wish to. Those who choose not to perform will assist in costume prep, stage changes, lighting, and various other backstage tasks.  Drama Class is open to all children in grade 2 and up, however your child does need to know how to read for ease of script reading. 
Grades 7th-12th - Magazine Composition

What do you love so much that you can pour your heart, energy and time into it and still have something left over to say? We are going to nurture the creative impulse of our students in order for them to learn to love writing. In this class, we are going to collaborate on writing a magazine, with the theme of the magazine decided on by the students. 

The students will be creating short stories, poems, non-fiction articles, letters, and a few other creative pieces over the course of the school year. We will be discussing how writing is a creative act. For each type of writing, they will be led through a process of brainstorming, outlining, and analyzing that is meant to carry over and expand into the next lesson.

At the end of the year, the students should have created enough written content for a magazine. 

Supplies: 3-ring binder, composition book (for journal questions)

Grades 7th-12th - Magazine Art/Layout & Publishing


This class will focus on the artistic side of publishing a magazine.


Co-op Day Fall Schedule



Fall Semester

After the AM classes, we will be going to Barnard Park for lunch and recess. Please plan to join us each time, so that both moms and kids have time to build friendships.

In the event of rain, we will enjoy lunch together at co-op, then have an indoor play time. 

Ages 2-4 Preschool Playtime

Grades K-6
Nature Study

(This class will be divided into three groups based on age)


Grades K-6

Grades K-6
LEGO Builder

Grades 2-12

Grades 7-12
Magazine Composition

Grades 7-12
Magazine Art/Layout & Publishing

Register for classes and events on our events page.  Contact WHE for more information about attending our Co-op classes at: admin@ (no spaces)

The WHE Co-op only runs 14 times per year.  We come together for labs and classes that enhance your homeschool experience. Our schedule means less time commitment, yet it still allows for structured classes with a group of peers.  We also have set up our day to allow for plenty of social time for parents and children.  Our classes are run by homeschool parents which keeps our costs down.  We require parents to volunteer in some capacity so everyone feels connected as part of the team.  We hope you will consider our group for your family!


Cooperative is defined as involving mutual assistance in working toward a common goal: every member has clearly defined tasks in a cooperative enterprise.

WHE requires parents in our co-op to fill a Cooperative Assignment Position (CAP). These positions could include, but are not limited to: classroom helper, nursery, hall monitor, or set up/clean up. Parents will be required to serve in some capacity. Parents should be flexible to work in various roles within the group to assure our day runs efficiently.


CAP Jobs and Descriptions

Facility Coordinator

The facilities coordinator would hold the keys and be responsible for opening and closing the facilities each week. We ask that everyone pitch in and make sure that the facilities get cleaned before we leave (see below), but this person would do the last check before locking up and leaving. This person would also be the liaison with the church, providing them the group schedule as well as any changes that occur throughout the year.

Co-op Coordinator

Co-op coordinator would be responsible for making sure that all of the teacher/helper positions were filled each week. They would also come up with fun spirit ideas, like dress for your favorite sports team day, or crazy hair day, etc. They would also coordinate/organize any special days, like the Thanksgiving Meal/Activity day, or International Day, or something new!

Hall Monitors

We need four moms to serve as Hall Monitors each week. We would like to rotate moms through this position to allow you to get to know everyone. We will need two moms to arrive early and two moms to stay late. In general, while classes are in session, the Hall Monitors will:

  • Guide kids to/from restroom &
  • Ensure there are no unaccompanied children in the hallways

AM In addition, the two moms that arrive early will:

  • Watch over K-6th grade children until time for class (downstairs in the large room)
  • Guide kids to correct rooms

PM The two moms that stay late will:

  • Make sure kids turn in name tags at the end of the day
  • Watch over K-6th grade children until parents/older siblings pick them up (downstairs in the large room)
  • Make sure that children do not exit the building without an adult

Clean-up Crew

The Clean-up Crew is very important! WHE has a good reputation with all of the facilities that we have used over the years because we leave the facilities the way we found it or cleaner. We are not being charged rent to use this facility, so we want to be responsible occupants so that they will continue to allow us to use it.

Upstairs Crew

  • empty trash
  • dust mop/sweep rooms
  • close the doors, turn off lights

Downstairs Crew

  • empty trash
  • vacuum/sweep rooms

Restroom Crew

  • restock bathrooms, spot clean bathrooms

Classroom Helpers

Those leading the classes put a lot of time and effort into the preparations for each class. Classroom Helpers come alongside and assist with:

  • Set up and clean up of room and/or supplies
  • Activities during class
  • Any other job that the Class Leader may require

Sunshine Committee Coordinator

The purpose of our Sunshine Committee is to care for needs of the members of our co-op. We like to be a blessing in time of need. In the past we have provided meals and/or flowers for a family after the birth of a baby or the death of a loved one, or after surgery or other unexpected life events. The coordinator of this committee will work with a member of the Board of Directors to:

  • organize signing of cards
  • purchase flowers and/or
  • organize meals

Field Trip Coordinator

This person will organize and make reservations, as necessary, to schedule our field trips. The coordinator will work with a member of the Board of Directors to secure any advanced payments and add/update the events on the website. If interested in learning the workings of the website, training is available.



 =>By checking the box, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the WHE Co-op Terms and Conditions put forth below.


  • A non-refundable deposit to secure enrollment in the WHE 2021-2022 Coop Classes is due June 30th.

  • Final payments must be made by August 1st.

  • Payments may be mailed to: Weare Home Educators, P.O. Box 160, Weare, NH 03281

  • If you want to cancel enrollment:

    • A refund of funds paid minus the non-refundable deposit will be given up to August 1st.

    • No refunds will be given beyond August 1st.

    • In the event that WHE must cancel classes before September, due to unforeseen circumstances, a full refund will be given.



You hereby release, waive, discharge, and covenant not to sue Weare Home Educators (hereinafter "WHE") or any of its directors, representatives, or volunteers, from any and all potential actions, claims, demands, suits, judgments, liabilities, and proceedings both at law and in equity arising from and as more particularly related to any personal injury or damage to the property or person of your child(ren), yourself the parent(s), or legal guardian, resulting directly or indirectly from such child's or parent's participation in any WHE sponsored event.

You as the parent/guardian have the right to inspect the facilities and equipment to be used, and if you, the parent/guardian, believe anything is unsafe, you should immediately advise the teacher or directors of such condition(s) and refuse to participate.

Further, you acknowledge and fully understand that each participant will be engaging in activities that may involve risks that are not known or reasonably foreseeable at this time. You assume all the foregoing risks and accept personal responsibility for any damages, including personal injury.

You, the parent, or legal guardian, are fully responsible for any damage to the event property, its contents, or another person on the property caused by your child(ren).