NH State History Co-op - Fall Semester

NH State History Co-op - Fall Semester

We are happy to announce a co-operative class will be forming for NH State History.  Woo hoo!!!

This class will be held once a month, for approximately 1 hour each class. The children will be divided into groups of K-3rd, 4th - 6th grades, and 7th and up.  Students will be asked to begin a fun NH State Selfie Scavenger Hunt and bring pictures of themselves along side and/or information about local NH State landmarks, signs, symbols, figures, etc. , or anything they would like to share with their classmates.   

Parents will be required to teach one class per group, in which they have a child participating.  When not teaching, each parent will also be required to help in any of the classes that may have a need.   There will also be a rotation for nursery helpers, so another mom can teach.  

The teaching design will be left up to the individual teacher and her helpers.  Ideally, the students will be assigned a topic the month prior to work on, and come to class prepared to give a brief presentation, in any genre, of what they've learned.  Group discussion will be encouraged, (we know how much our kids love to talk and share).  This presentation may be done, again, in any genre of the parent/child choosing.  i.e. collage, brief essay, portrayal, Q & A, pictures, etc.  Older students will engage in a group discussion with some writing.   We will however provide options to help facilitate engaged learning. 

We will be sending out a e-file we recommend each participant print out, as a supplement and for use in class. When it is your turn to teach, you can decide which activities to use in class; just be sure to notify the class one month prior so the students can come to class prepared.

The basic expectations for each age group are as follows:

K-3rd Grades: Will make a simple lapbook.
3rd-6th Grades: Will assemble a State Notebook.
7th-12th Grades: Will research history and write short essays. The younger of these grades can also make a notebook.

Further information will be available at open house or contact us if you would like more information.

The dates for the classes are: September 13, October 11, November 8, January 17, February 14, March 14 & April 11.

Please feel free to contact Lisa C, Catherine C. and Melissa D for further information and support. 

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09-13-2017 2:00 pm
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