CAP Jobs and Descriptions

Hall Monitors (Need 4 per week)

We need four moms to serve as Hall Monitors each week. We would like to rotate moms through this position to allow you to get to know everyone. We will need two moms to arrive early and two moms to stay late. In general, while classes are in session, the Hall Monitors will:

  • Guide kids to/from restroom &
  • Ensure there are no unaccompanied children in the hallways

AM In addition, the two moms that arrive early will:

  • Guide kids to correct rooms (downstairs)
    • There will be teen helpers to assist with this task
  • Watch over K-6th grade children until time for class (upstairs)

PM The two moms that stay late will:

  • Make sure kids turn in name tags at the end of the day (upstairs)
  • Watch over K-6th grade children until parents/older siblings pick them up (upstairs)
  • Make sure that children do not exit the building without an adult (downstairs)

Clean-up Crew

The Clean-up Crew is very important! WHE has a good reputation with all of the facilities that we have used over the years because we leave the facilities the way we found it or cleaner. We are not being charged rent to use this facility, so we want to be responsible occupants so that they will continue to allow us to use it.

Upstairs Crew (Need 1 per week)

  • empty trash
  • vacuum/sweep rooms
  • close the doors, turn off lights

Downstairs Crew (Need 1 per week)

  • empty trash
  • vacuum/sweep rooms
  • restock bathrooms, spot clean bathrooms

Classroom Helpers

Those leading the classes put a lot of time and effort into the preparations for each class. Classroom Helpers come alongside and assist with:

  • Set up and clean up of room and/or supplies
  • Activities during class
  • Any other job that the Class Leader may require

Classes that need helpers:



Music & Movement

Park Activity Organizer (Need 2 per week)

We plan to go to Barnard Park, in Goffstown, after our co-op day is over to have lunch, let the children play, and give moms time to get to know each other. We would like one or two moms to organize an activity each time to give the play time a specific focus and allow the kids to explore new things. Activities could include: soccer, hoola hoops, basketball, kick ball, jump rope, hop scotch, parachute, etc. WHE owns some of the equipment for these types of activities. The persons that volunteer for this position would be responsible for:

  • Planning the activity
  • Asking for/retrieving any necessary equipment
  • Planning any accommodations for younger children
  • Giving some guidance during the activity
  • Making sure all equipment is collected and returned

Box Tops Coordinator (1 for the year)

WHE collects Box Tops for Education. We need one person that will collect the box tops, trim them, sort them, count them and mail them in for our group. There are two deadlines each year for submissions, November 1 and March 1.

Sunshine Committee Coordinator (1 for the year)

The purpose of our Sunshine Committee is to care for needs of the members of our co-op. We like to be a blessing in time of need. In the past we have provided meals and/or flowers for a family after the birth of a baby or the death of a loved one, or after surgery or other unexpected life events. The coordinator of this committee will work with a member of the Board of Directors to:

  • organize signing of cards
  • purchase flowers and/or
  • organize meals

Youth Group Coordinator (1 for the year)

The purpose of the Youth Group is to organize monthly or bimonthly activities for the teen/tweens in our group so that they can develop friendships. The coordinator does not necessarily have to organize every activity. The coordinator can solicit help from the other parents and kids involved. The coordinator’s responsibility is to organize the group’s first meeting to gather ideas and get an idea of how many are interested in participating. The coordinator will also need to communicate with a member of the board of directors to get the information on the website.

Ideas for activities can include those that have a cost (ie, bowling), free activities (ie, a bonfire at someone’s house), or service opportunities.