2019-2020 Co-op Schedule

***Classes are Full***

September 4, 18
October 2, 16, 30
November 13
December 4
January 15, 29
February 12 (1st snow makeup date - February 19th )
March 4, 18 (2nd snow makeup date - March 25th)
April 1, 15th (3rd snow makeup date - April 22nd)

Our co-op classes will be meeting at Goffstown Congregational Church in Goffstown village.

Please consider keeping the opposite Wednesday's Free for other WHE events.

Please note class fees do not include textbooks or workbooks

Preschool ages 2-4  *This Class is only available for families with older children attending the Co-op.*

This is offered to parents that are teaching, primarily, and families who have other children in the older grades. The focus is basic pre-K learning. There are story times, crafts, games, snack and play. 

Grades K-5 - Apologia Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures 

This class will be using the Apologia Zoology 1 textbook. (Text required)

The students in these grade levels will be broken down into two classes by grade. The younger students will incorporate games, crafts, etc. to engage the young learner.

It is recommended that all students create a notebook or use a notebooking journal from Apologia to document their journey through this course. Apologia offers junior level and regular level journals for this course. Using journals will immerse your child in the material and provide a richer experience.  This class will be interactive with a thorough review of the material for understanding, hands-on labs and opportunities for small group sharing, story telling, and public speaking.

Grades K-5 - Music Class 
This class will be divided into two groups by age, and for both groups the core of the class will be built around folk songs from America’s history and other fun pieces. Students will experience the joy of learning great songs while making music together. Active songs and rhythm instruments will help younger students stay engaged and focused while having lots of fun.

Students will gain an exposure to basic note reading, musical terminology, instruments of the orchestra, and different types of compositions, and (if time allows) may even enjoy a taste of music appreciation, as we look at the major eras of classical music and some of the great composers.
Grades K-5 Physical Education (Winter Semester Only)
  Master Andy of Bulsajo TKD will be back again teaching the kids good exercise habits. Exercising helps in the development of motor skills and the enhancement of reflexes. Hand-eye coordination is improved, as well as good body movements, which helps in the development of a healthy body posture. And best of all, it gives kids time in the winter to get all of the wiggles out in a constructive way.
Grades 6-8 - Master Books Applied Engineering 
This class will use the Master Books Applied Engineering Curriculum. (Text required)

Explore the intersection of science and God’s blueprints for life in this fascinating science course! In Applied Engineering, students will explore examples of God’s incredible design in nature and discover how His design has inspired man-made designs for batteries, human organ repair, micro-lenses, automotive engineering, paint, and even credit card security!

Through exciting books, engaging worksheets, and hands-on activities, students will explore the exciting field of biomimicry and the very frontiers of science where researchers are studying the design of God’s world to create extraordinary breakthroughs that benefit our health, lives, and efficiency!

 Grades 6-8 - Logic: The Fallacy Detective
  The Fallacy Detective (The text is not required to be purchased.)

Students will learn to recognize the fallacies they see every day, including the Red Herring, Ad Hominem attacks, the Straw Man, loaded questions, equivocation, circular reasoning, either-or, generalizations, analogies, propaganda, special pleading, slippery slope fallacies, and more. Dilbert, Calvin & Hobbes, Peanuts, and original cartoons illustrate many of the fallacies perfectly, and each chapter contains plenty of examples that make each fallacy easy to understand. Exercises and "The Fallacy Detective Game" provide fun ways to really remember what you've learned!

High School: Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology Labs (high school lab credit) *see note below

This course will follow the Apologia's Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd Edition. (Textbook required, Notebook recommended.)

This high school biology course will give students an understanding of the basic biological world that surrounds them each day of their lives so that they can appreciate the real-world relevance of scientific inquiry. 

This course covers:
• Labs that cover experimentation, field studies, microscopy, and dissection
• Introduction to classification, biochemistry, cellular biology, molecular and Mendelian genetics, evolution, ecosystems, and much more.

It is suggested to purchase both the Apologia text book and workbook, but you as the teacher/parent have to make that decision.


The the lead mentor has a degree in biology and is passionate about the topic.  

High School: Apologia Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition *see note below
  Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition covers what maturing students need to know to help them make the best choices they can for themselves as they become young adults. Health is about stewardship: managing what you have as well as you can. This 15-module course, which includes both a hardcover textbook and a spiral bound notebook, covers the physical, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual aspects of growing into a healthy adult. 

(Textbook & Notebook required.) The answer key is included in the Book Extras online. This course is for high school credit.

This year we have two nurses mentoring this lab.


Co-op Day Fall Schedule



Fall Semester

After the AM classes, we will be going to Barnard Park for lunch and recess. Please plan to join us each time, so that both moms and kids have time to build friendships.

In the event of rain, we will enjoy lunch together at co-op, then have an indoor play time. 

Ages 2-4
Preschool Class
Ages 2-4
Preschool Class

Grades K-2

Grades K-2
Zoology 1

Grades 3-5
Zoology 1

Grades 3-5

Grades 6-8 
Applied Engineering

Grades 6-8 
Fallacy Detective

Grades 9-12
High School Biology

Grades 9-12
High School Health

Register for classes and events on our events page.  Contact WHE for more information about attending our Co-op classes at: admin@ wearehomeeducators.com (no spaces)

The WHE Co-op only runs 14 times per year.  We come together for labs and classes that enhance your homeschool experience.  Our schedule means less time commitment, yet it still allows for structured classes with a group of peers.  We also have set up our day to allow for plenty of social time for parents and children.  Our classes are run by homeschool parents which keeps our costs down.  We require parents to volunteer in some capacity so everyone feels connected as part of the team.  We hope you will consider our group for your family!

To get the most out of our group, it is strongly recommended that you join us for the full day.  The kids tend to feel more connected when they are there all day to form friendships.  Parents who spend all day have time to get to know the other parents in the group.  We provide time for homeschool support during our co-op which is very valuable. 

*NOTE for high school students: 

Our co-op is designed around mentorship through supplementation (from the core taught at home) and lab experiments. The mentors of this lab/class are not present to grade your children. The expectation for high school students is that they are prepared to learn with maturity. Students should come already having read the required reading in preparation for the lab/experiments; so you will be given a curriculum/study guide to assist you through the year. 


Cooperative is defined as involving mutual assistance in working toward a common goal: every member has clearly defined tasks in a cooperative enterprise.

WHE requires parents in our co-op to fill a Cooperative Assignment Position (CAP). CAP positions could include, but are not limited to: classroom helper, nursery, hall monitor, or set up/clean up. Parents will be required to serve in some capacity. Parents are not allowed to drop off children for classes. Parents should be flexible to work in various roles within the group to assure our day runs efficiently.

Exceptions to mandatory CAP policy:

  • Parents with a child under the age of 2
  • Pregnant moms
  • Parents with a special needs child -  defined as a child who is unable to participate due to specific needs beyond what WHE can provide; or a child who requires individual 1:1 attention to their individual needs which is provided by mom in order to attend the class.