We have a lot of events coming up:

Registration is open for our Co-op Orientation, Wednesday, August 28th 10 am at Stark Hall. If you are joining us for co-op classes, please plan to attend. After orientation, we plan to gather for lunch and swimming at Clough State Park in Weare.

2019-20 Co-op Classes are FULL. We are no longer accepting new registrations.

Check out the fall events. Registration will open August 12th. All homeschoolers are welcome to participate.

Do you “take” pictures or “make” pictures.  Photography can be fun but it takes skill to “make” pictures.  

We will learn several proven rules of composition and when it’s ok to break the rules. (Admit it… it’s sometimes fun to break the rules!) We will look at different types of lighting and how it affects the mood and emotion of the picture.  If we have time we will talk about the technical aspects of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.

Each class will consist of learning new composition and/or lighting techniques as well as constructive criticism of assignments by your peers.  Don’t be afraid! Photography is subjective and a method by which you can express your creativity. There is no right or wrong photo. There is only room to improve! smile

Requirements: digital camera. This can be an actual camera or a cellular phone.  You will be “making” lots of photos so be sure that your device has sufficient memory available. Each assignment will require you to email several of your best photos to me prior to class.

Students will choose and print their favorite/best photo and frame it. It will go on display at the end-of-the-year celebration.

Children will bring in one item in a bag for show and tell. The item should be special to them, but hidden in a bag so that the class can ask questions about what the item is. Children should be prepared to give three clues that will help others guess what is in the bag, as well as whatever else they would like to share about the item after the item is revealed. This may take a class or two.

We will spend the remaining classes being curious and deconstructing appliances. Each child will need to bring a hammer, Flat- and Phillips-Head screwdrivers, and eye protection. We will need many adult helpers to assist, supervise and answer questions (if possible) about what's inside. Any appliance donations are very much appreciated. Feel free to start bringing unwanted appliances into co-op.

We will read a short story and then do crafts and story line work about the tale we are reading. Lots of cutting and coloring and glueing.

Moms with babies - 4 yo just hanging out and having fun. Each week will be adlib.