~Open to the Public~

Saturday, April 22nd 9am - 1pm

 Seller Information

 Book Drop-Off:

  • Tuesday, April 18th

    Wednesday, April 19th

    Thursday, April 20th




  • Plan to drop off and place your books on the tables on one of these 3 days.

  • There will be no drop-offs the day of the sale!

  • For an extra fee of $5/box, you may just drop off your books and we will place them on the tables for you. They must be pre-sorted by categories.

  • If you need assistance unloading boxes from your vehicle, there will be teens on hand for hire to help.

  • Participation in this sale is voluntary. WHE is not responsible for lost or stolen items or pricing errors.

  • All items must be tagged using our special labels. You will receive these before the sale. You must write your seller ID (First, Middle, Last initials) and price on each label. If you arrive with books using different labels, you will not be allowed to sell them at our sale. The labels should be placed in the top right corner.

  • You will be responsible for putting your books on the tables by categories and gathering them at the end of the sale.

  • Please label any boxes with your name that you want to keep for after the sale.

  • Check your Book Sale registration email to see the volunteer position for which you signed up. Be sure to check in at the sale or $10 will be deducted from your sale account for not volunteering.

    • Help in the sales room (straightening up or answering curriculum questions)

    • Pack up unsold books & clean-up of tables after sale

    • Checkout (WHE members only)

    • Or else pay an extra $10 if you are unable to help

 Information for labeling books

  • The tables at the sale will be labeled with the following categories:

Critical Thinking/Logic

History/Geography/Social Studies

Educational Games & Puzzles

Reading Curriculums & Phonics

A Beka

Bob Jones

Paperbacks & Literature


Language Arts


Package Curriculum


Foreign Language

Science & Health

General Skills/Workbooks


Teacher Helps

Music & Art

DVDs & CDs

Computer Curriculum


  • Please note that older editions of curriculum texts do not sell well. Price accordingly or place on free table.

  • There will be tables for FREE items in a different room. VHS tapes and older computer disks should be on the Free table.

  • Please price all items in $.25 increments and nothing below a quarter. (ie, $1.75, $5.50, $3.25, $2.00, etc.)

  • If you have a group of items selling as one unit either place all in a ziplock bag or use heavy-duty rubber bands to keep all items together. Include a list of items in the unit on a piece of paper attached to the unit.